How to Stop German Shepherd Barking: Detailed Answers to Frequent Questions

The bark of German Shepherd is considered one of the loudest voices among dogs. This can be a significant problem because while barking, the dog may not be able to hear the owner’s voice.

This situation means a loss of control over the situation (not to mention the comfort of the owner and people around them). So, the topic of the day is how to stop German Shepherd barking.

How to Stop German Shepherd Barking: 6 Answers to Hot FAQ

German Shepherd Barking: Why Does It Happen?

Since German Shepherd from barking has many functions, you must determine its cause and your German Shepherd’s motivation for barking behavior before you can solve this problem. German Shepherds bark for a reason. Usually, the voice is given by animals in such situations:

  • Fear of something (for example, sirens, thunderclaps, screams, etc);
  • Boredom (animals are often left alone, but it’s so painful to wait for the arrival of the owner);
  • Fun (GSDs like to give a voice, for example, when the owner plays with them);
  • Anxiety (for example, to a bell sound, a knock on the door, strangers in the house, etc);
  • A signal to the owner (so, the dog can call the owner to play, ask for food or invite for a walk);
  • Rage (sometimes GSDs “quarrel” with other individuals, especially males sin this);
  • Illness or injury (sometimes GSD barks in response to pain or a painful condition.

Therefore, before trying to solve the problem with your German Shepherd barks, ask the veterinarian to examine it to rule out medical reasons).

Each type of barking serves a specific function for the German Shepherd, and if the dog is repeatedly rewarded for its barking behavior, in other words, if barking gives the German Shepherd what he wants, then he can learn to use barking to his advantage.

For example, German Shepherds bark to attract the owner’s attention and successfully achieve their goal, then they often continue to bark about other things, such as food, games and walks.

With the help of barking, dogs inform a person about what is bothering them, here it is important to listen to the dog and understand what the dog wants from you. By finding understanding with the dog, you will be able to eliminate unwanted sounds.

Barking at other dogs

How NOT to Act while Keeping a GSD from Barking

To wean a German Shepherd from barking at everyone in a row will be under the power of a consistent and fairly firm owner. Often people, trying to rid the dog of the habit of starts barking, behave incorrectly, making the following mistakes:

Swearing and shouting in response to german shepherd barking. It happens that the owner himself behaves no better than his wild German Shepherd.

It is not so rare when the owner shouts in response to the German Shepherd barking (“Shut up!”, “Hush!”, “You’ll get it from me!”, etc). Such behavior on the part of a person will not only not calm the German Shepherd, but will even more excite him;

Training takes place on an ad hoc basis. It is possible to wean a German Shepherd from barking at home only through daily hard work;

Beating as a means to silence the German Shepherd. Cuffs are a forbidden technique that should never be used;

Inattention to the reason for the German Shepherd bark. Yes, there are situations when an animal barks incessantly and for no particular reason (for example, it wants the owner to treat a cutlet from the table unscheduled).

But sometimes your German Shepherd try to warn you about something important with the help of barking (for example, about the penetration of a stranger into the house or about the smell of burning). So, first it is important to recognize why the German Shepherd barks;

Following the whims of a German Shepherd. As we found out, animals sometimes manipulate people. For example, many dogs like to bark loudly when they want to be treated to something from the table.

So, you should not go on about the German Shepherd, giving them pieces of food from a plate. German Shepherd is cunning, and therefore they will bark every time to get what they want.

Walking with a German Shepherd

Sedatives for German Shepherd

Sedatives is a controversial method of solving problems. It is very effective, but it is important to understand that you can not give it to German Shepherd all the time, only in situations when the reaction to the stimulus is too strong.

If you have just got a German Shepherd, we advise you to immediately contact veterinarians about a consultation on which drug is best for your GSD. And also take tests to detect allergies.

Сontact veterinarians about sedative drug

If you have a German Shepherd for a long time, but you have been thinking about giving sedatives, then you should also contact veterinarians with this question, since the dosage, method of use, brand of sedatives, composition, as a specialist will tell you best.

I repeat, resort to sedatives only if necessary.

Better watch this video, maybe some tips will be helpful to you. It is a calm explanation by Upstate Canine Academy of how to control and manage your dog’s behavior with a prong collar.

How to Stop GSD Barking?

There are several basic ways that we will tell for german shepherd owners about. But first we want to remind you that you can’t beat a dog, so you just intimidate her and traumatize the dog’s psyche. In the future, this can greatly affect the health and behavior of the other dogs.

Learning the command Quiet! (or “Silence!”)

In order for the German Shepherd’s barking stop at the dog lover command, you can take the following measures: during walking, wait until the dog starts barking. At the same time, you need to pronounce the command “Voice!”.

After a couple of minutes of stop barking, German Shepherd owners should carefully cover your pet’s mouth with your palms, saying the word “Quiet!” (quiet command). As soon as the animal is silent, it will need to be treated and praised.

This exercise should be done daily until the dog stops talking at the command of the owner without manual manipulation and treats.

Learning the command Silence

Touching the ears of a barking German Shepherd

Surprisingly, some German Shepherd’s barking stop if the owner suddenly and not strongly grabs them by the ears. Such an action confuses the other dogs, and the owner has a few saving moments to switch the attention of the inflamed doggie to something (for example, a toy).

Reasonable to direct the pet’s energy

So, that the dog does not have the desire to bark at everyone around, it is reasonable to direct the pet’s energy to something useful.

For example, many animals adore dogs sports (frisbee with catching a flying disc, agility with overcoming obstacles, etc), which not only give a lot of pleasant moments to the animal, but also exhaust it thoroughly. If there is no way to teach the dog any discipline, you can just walk the other dogs longer.

German Shepherd training from puppy age

Do not pay attention to the noise

You can wean a German Shepherd’s barking at home if you do not pay attention to the noise (but only in cases when the animal, barking, tries to manipulate the owner).

For example, a pet starts a “song” if he does not want the owner to close himself in the shower (toilet, another room, on the balcony, etc). It is wiser not to follow the lead of a brawler, but to calmly do their business, not paying attention to the barking.

So the other dogs will understand that it will not be possible to starve the owner.

Avoiding factors that cause barking

If the dog, for example, goes berserk at the sound of a working washing machine, it is reasonable to take the animal for a walk during the washing. Another option is to take the other dogs to the room that is located furthest from the washing machine.

Fear as a reason of barking

Divert attention

If the dog barks at the guests, you can calm the animal by asking to demonstrate the ability to give a paw first to the owner, and then to each of the guests. It is important that each guest praises the other dogs, loudly and sincerely saying the word “Well done!”.

If your dog barks in vain on a walk, distract him with exercise and training, for example with a frisbee or a ball. It’s quite difficult to bark with a full mouth, try it yourself (just kidding). By the way, active walks are not only a discharge for the dog’s nervous system, but also the prevention of weakness in the hind legs of your German Shepherd.

Spraying water as a way to keep a GSD silent

It happens that an animal barks at passers-by or at other dogs. If the command “Quiet!” does not work, you can resort to the method of spraying ordinary water from a small bottle with a spray gun. Just do not aim at the other dogs eyes, it is enough to spray water into the head or neck area from a distance of about half a meter.

Distracting the dog from barking

To make the animal stop barking, you can come up with something special, for example, to bark with the animal in unison or start clapping loudly. The only disadvantage of this method is that it will be a shame to repeat it in public.

All of these methods can help to wean a dog from barking if the owner is nearby. But what if a pet starts a “concert” in the absence of the owner?

It is good if there is someone from the family at home who can calm the animal. If the dog is completely alone, special devices for weaning from barking or medications are used.

Training with a German Shepherd

Collars “Antelay” with citronella or lavender

As soon as the animal starts barking, a fragrant aroma oil begins to evaporate from a special capsule built into the collar, whose smell is unpleasant for animals.

Ultrasonic collars react to barking, making an unpleasant sound that seems intimidating to dogs.

Collars-stun guns are triggered when the movements of the dog’s larynx become more frequent. The electric shock is not strong, but it is unpleasant enough.

And as a last resort, herbal sedatives are good for calming barking lovers, but should be used after consulting a veterinarian.

FAQ: How to Stop GSD Barking

How do I make my German Shepherd stop barking?

Always check what caused the barking, maybe there is a serious reason. If it is manipulation or bad behavior, be firm and calm by giving the command Quiet! or Silence! If that doesn’t work, try to divert your dog’s attention or distract your GSD.
Touch his ears, spray water, snap your fingers, show him a toy, or give him a command that he enjoys doing. Any of these should work.

Can German Shepherds be trained not to bark?

Dog’s barking is a reaction to any stimuli of the dog. To wean a dog to react to them, it is necessary to engage in its upbringing from german shepherd puppies.
To do this, there are classes with dog handlers and psychologists, especially people who have fighting or hunting other dogs breeds should contact them. Don’t forget about dog treats.
The main point that you can do to ensure that the dog does not bark constantly is to educate. Give an idea of what is normal for her, and what is an irritant that requires an appropriate reaction.

How do you shut up a barking dog?

There are several options here:
using the command “quiet” (quiet command) but it will work only if the dog knows it.
divert the dog’s attention from the irritant to the toy, petting, food.
give a sedative along with water or food.
The most important thing in such situations is not to beat the animal! N

How do you stop uncontrollable barking?

Unwanted barking is a reaction to a very strong stimulus in a dog. To stop the unwanted barking of a dog, first eliminate the source of the dog’s aggression.
Then use the command “quiet” (quiet command) to try to calm the dog. If it does not work, give the dog a sedative, but before using, consult with veterinarians whether the dog is allergic to the drug.
After the dog has calmed down, calm her down with the help of her voice (it is important to remember that the voice should be even, soothing, but also firm, so that the dog does not think that you feel sorry for her). Again, I remind you that never hit a dog.

Why does German Shepherd bark so much?

German Shepherds are highly intelligent, perhaps barking is a manifestation of strong emotions. It can be not only defending territory or showing strength to other dogs, but also joy, loneliness, boredom, asking for attention.

What does it mean when German Shepherds bark?

If a trained dog barks, it means it is worth your attention. Perhaps your German Shepherd is warning you of something negative. Barking could mean protection of the house or indicate a stranger.
Well, if everything is under control, then barking means that the dog is experiencing strong emotions and does not know how to express it in other ways. Barking can mean getting attention, demanding a treat, expressing boredom, joy, fear, or jealousy.

Conclusion: Stopping GSD Barking

Finally, lets pull it all together with Little Paws Training video:

A dog is a friend of a person, it is important not to forget about education. Dog owners should conduct positive reinforcement training in order to dog stops barking.

The dog stops barking at the moment when he realizes that there is no danger. The dog’s body language will tell you how the dog reacts to any things, other dog. Self rewarding behavior requires encouragement.

To get started with the dog, do not forget to find out the root cause why the German Shepherd to bark behavior.

What does it mean when German Shepherds bark

If the dog start barking even after a long session with a dog handler, contact a veterinarian. From a medical point of view and with the help of a dog handler, they will make obedience training.

Such obedience training helps to reduce the level of excessive barking and stops barking during a walk, as well as to understand the commands of the owner.

I hope that our article was useful and you were able to find answers to your questions about how to wean a dog from barking. The main thing to always remember is that you can find an approach to many dogs. Dogs work well during positive training sessions for a high value reward.

By the way, why dont’t you let us know down in comments what’s your workable way of keeping your dog quiet.

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