Male vs Female German Shepherd: Character Differences You Better Know

The character of a dog depends on heredity and breed characteristics, but proper upbringing and training is also of no small importance. In the article, we will tell you about the natural features of GSD breed and how to properly start raising and training your pet.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This is a smart and capable service dog. Its dedication and bravery are second to none. It is surprisingly teachable; one might even say versatile.

German Shepherds are focused on people because of this, with proper upbringing and training, it is taken as a guide dog, rescuers, for the protection of territory or livestock, a bodyguard, search and rescue, drug detection and as a faithful companion and companion is indispensable.

In this article you will learn what features of character and behavior are inherent to German Shepherds. Having studied this information about the temperament and disposition of German Shepherd at different ages, you will gain an understanding of this breed.

You will find out how the character of a female differs from the behavior of a male. We hope our article will help you figure out which puppy is more suitable for you.

Male vs Female German Shepherd: Character Differences You Better Know

German Shepherd’s Main Character Traits: A Male vs Female German Shepherd

A German Shepherd puppy is an active and restless pet. If you train and educate a puppy, then you can avoid pampering.

The constant spoiling of things does not mean the bad character of the cub, it is just very active and needs to splash out his energy somewhere. You can buy toys to focus your pup’s energy on playing with them.

Already from 3 to 4 months (the time of socialization), it is able to perceive the general rules of upbringing. At this time it is important to start socializing and training your dog.

Female German Shepherds: Character

There is an opinion that female German Shepherd dogs have a more submissive and gentle nature. But experts believe that the character depends more on heredity and individual characteristics.

There are always exceptions, females with a very difficult character, there are males with a docile and submissive character.

But still there is a difference in the behavior of the sexes. There are advantages and disadvantages of female German Shepherds and male German Shepherds.

Female German Shepherds: Character

Advantages of female German Shepherd:

  • Strong relationship with the owner and the house.
  • Emotionally subtle perception.
  • Female German Shepherds are smarter than boys.
  • Female German Shepherd dogs perceive training tasks well.
  • During walks, girls run less to bushes.
  • They do not lunge at foreign dogs.
  • Female German Shepherd is ideal for breeding, just one assessment from the exhibition is enough.

Disadvantages of female German Shepherd:

  • Tricky
  • Periodic heat cycle at female German Shepherd

Male German Shepherd: Personality Traits

Advantages of male German Shepherd:

  • High performance, it is very hardy for male German Shepherds.
  • Solid appearance, a big plus for exhibitions for male dogs.
  • Perseverance in achieving results in the learning process.

Disadvantages of male German Shepherd:

  • Independent and more stubborn than a female GSD. Requires more rigorous training than a female GSD.
  • To fulfill your physical and natural needs, you need a longer time for walking. According to physiology, he is not capable of rapid emptying of the bladder for male dogs.
  • Can run away from the owner if he smells a heat cycle female German Shepherd.
  • During estrus in female German Shepherds, fights with other males are possible.
Male German Shepherd: Personality Traits

German Shepherd Breed’s Character

Both female German Shepherds and male German Shepherds have a balanced character, a strong nervous system.

Self-confident, intelligent, calm (except for the excited state caused by circumstances), attentive, agile, brave, friendly, easy to train.

In addition, it has courage, fighting instinct, firmness and endurance, i.e., all those qualities that make it an excellent companion dog, defender, guard, bodyguard, ideal service and guard dog.

How can I influence and correct my GSD’s character?

The upbringing and training of a female German Shepherds and male German Shepherds is of great importance, as soon as you brought it to your house.

Do not allow your dog to chew things, stop attempts to pester strangers on walks, do not allow it to eat from strangers’ hands, pick up food from the floor, beg for food from you at meal times. Check out How to Stop a German Shepherd Puppy from Biting Quickly and How to Stop German Shepherd Barking: Detailed Answers to Frequent Questions if you haven’t already seen these posts.

It is excluded to jump and bite people, even in order to show their love. Only training and competent upbringing will change the character of the dog for the better.

The process of training a puppy is based on the method of motivation, encouragement, and praise. It is forbidden and unacceptable to treat a dog harshly during training.

German Shepherd Chewing a toy

How to Raise a German Shepherd Puppy

In that case, if you train your pet correctly, then over time you will get an obedient female GSD or male GSD that will follow all commands and delight you daily.

Experts believe that the susceptibility of female German Shepherds and male German Shepherds to perform various commands can be influenced by some factors:

  • the temperament of the pet – the male or female GSD reaction rate to stimuli, both positive and negative;
  • character – how exactly the dog resists various unpleasant influences;
  • obedience is a female dogs or male German Shepherds tend ability to accept human leadership;
  • vigilance is the speed with which the dog notices a potential danger, both in relation to itself and in relation to its owner;
  • aggressiveness – the ability of a pet to react in a hostile manner to a potential danger;
  • curiosity is an interest that is generated when a dog feels, hears and sees something;
  • sociability – the ability to interact with people;
  • possessiveness is the interest shown by an animal in certain objects, for example, toys.
How to Raise a German Shepherd Puppy

Exactly which traits prevail in the character of a German Shepherd puppy depends on how quickly your female dog or male dog will learn commands.

By paying attention to the character traits of your animal, you can find an approach to it and correct behavior in certain situations.

Promptness will lead to nothing. You should not try to train a German Shepherd dog puppy to all commands at the same time, you need to study the commands one by one.

It is necessary to acquire patience and methodically act.

You should not scold a pet at the moment when he makes mistakes, and when he succeeds in something, then the female dog or male dogs should be encouraged.

Do not punish. It is forbidden to use physical punishment against a pet. It should be limited to changing intonation, but not to allow shouting.

After a German Shepherd puppy turns three months old, it is allowed to use a light slap as punishment, pronouncing the phrase “No”.

It is necessary to punish as soon as the animal commits a misdemeanor, and not after it, since the animal simply will not understand what exactly it was punished for.

Essential commands for GSD cub


The main goal is to achieve that the pet executes the command the first time. Commands should be pronounced clearly and in an even voice so that the female dogs and male German Shepherds understand and obey you.

All family members should be involved in the upbringing of the dog, but it is necessary to act at the same time. It is forbidden to allow situations in which you scold a puppy, and another family member praises him or simply does not pay attention.

Pamper your cub! Do not forget to reward the German Shepherds puppy with various treats and praises when he has done what was required of him.

Essential commands

You will use some commands more often, others less often. But they will still come in handy to easily interact with your German Shepherd and even protect it in various situations. Starting with potty training at home, gradually move on to outdoor lessons.

GSD pup training

Aport / Fetch / Give me

One of the most difficult teams. Many perceive it to be very easy and simple, but with many female dogs and male German Shepherd dogs you will have to sweat. This skill is used for other exercises: search, item selection and many others.

Usually, they are all used in the service. When working out the command, “Aport” and “Give” are used, and the Give gesture is also used. At the command “Give” the female GSDs and male dog must give the item.

Lie / Down

A binding command that needs to be learned for other teams. In addition, it will not interfere at home or on the street.

To me / Come

You will have to use this command quite often. So, start with her immediately after the German Shepherd puppy has learned his nickname.

Never call the female GSDs and male GSDs to punish, and do not scold if she came up herself, even having done something before. Such behavior on your part may alienate the animal.

Place / Crate / Bed

A puppy or an adult male or female German should clearly know where his place is located. He can sleep anywhere if you allow it, of course, but he must know this command.

You can use it outside the house, marking the place with a leash or a favorite toy.

German Shepherd lying in its place

Nearby / Heel

It is possible to train your pet to the “Nearby” command at any age, whether it is an adult dog or a small puppy. With the move to a new home, you should immediately think about training your puppy.


Probably one of the very first commands that a German Shepherd male or female German should learn.

Stand / Stay

The command is useful in everyday life, for example, for combing a male or female German.

The forbidding command is one of the most mandatory and the domestication to it begins from the first day of the puppy’s appearance in the house.

The requirement of the command “No” or “Drop it!” is to immediately stop the undesirable action.

GSD males are heavier and larger than females, which helps in service

Raising a dog

Education is the process of forming the behavior of a German Shepherds acceptable to the owner when this behavior is not regulated by commands.

During the upbringing of the male or female German, relationships with the owner, family members, passers-by develop, behavior in the house, on the street, relationships with other dogs are formed.

The process of upbringing begins as soon as the male or female German first appeared in the house and continues throughout the dog’s life.

Regardless of the breed of the dog, it must be brought up. Just as people do not like ill-mannered people, so dogs should know what is possible and what is not.

Raising a dog is a rather complex process that is not limited to learning just a few commands. The main goal of education is that the dog should become pleasant in communication.

In addition, it must be manageable at some points, otherwise it will be very difficult for the dog owner.

In the broadest sense of the word, the upbringing of a dog is to teach the female counterparts or male GSDs such commands as “Bad” and “No”.

a German Shepherd cub with toilet paper

But in addition, the dog must know what is good and what is bad, even in those moments when the owner is not around. Some believe that the German Shepherds understands only commands but cannot generalize.

Only those who, as a rule, have never had dogs are convinced of this, and they were studied only in laboratory conditions in which dogs could not fully show their potential, as well as those who, because of their personal qualities, could not establish a relationship with a pet.

In real life, the German Shepherd is a pack animal and therefore, like any other pack animal, needs to communicate with its family members.

In this situation, the dog’s family members are people. It’s pretty stupid to think that if a dog caresses you, it means that his skin itches.

In order for the dog’s nervous system to function normally, it needs affection, love, communication, praise.

In addition, the so-called “inhibitory factors” are required, because if everything is allowed to the dog, then it will not lead to anything good.

When raising a German Shepherds with young age, you should pay attention to the genetic characteristics of the GSD breed. Your family is a pack in which there should be a leader, in this case the leader is a person. The leader punishes, plays, feeds, caresses, praises, and scolds.

All other members of the host’s family are ranked. At that moment, while the puppy is small, all other family members are older for him.

Playing with GSD puppy outdoor

However, in the process of growing up, by about a year, the male and female GSDs begins to look for its place in the hierarchical pyramid.

Naturally, your teen will try to take the step as high as possible. It can be done by force, in the case of large dogs, or by cunning, as small male and female German do. The more ill-mannered the male and female German, the harder this process will be.

If the owner from the first days will show their pet that the one who has the power is right, then he will turn out to be a frail neurotic or an evil beast with whom you will hardly communicate with joy.

A German Shepherds young puppy must necessarily understand that he is obliged to obey people, because they love and feed and raise him/her.

To understand that prohibitions are not a whim of the owner, but a way to protect everyone from trouble. The main influence on the male and female German should be your voice.

From the first days of being in your house, the male and female German should be aware that you love him, and if you raise your voice, then it means that he is doing something wrong.

One of the best incentives for a dog breed is a treat that should be given for good behavior and listening to commands.

Who is better to have a male vs female German Shepherd

Chapter FAQ

Who is better to have a male vs female German Shepherd?

It depends on the purpose for which you get a female shepherd. If it’s just for yourself, a pet, then gender will not matter, except for your personal preferences, based on the description above, you can decide what is best for you. If you are going to breed puppies in the far future, it is better to take a female German Shepherd, and if for stand-ups or dog breed competitions, then a male German Shepherd.

Why is a male German Shepherds better?

It is better to take a male if you want to train him in the future, use him as a guard dogs or hunting dog, and the male is also suitable for working with police dogs. Males German Shepherds are hardier and more stable, they are able to concentrate better and perform physical activities. That is why they are better suited for hard work.

Why is a female German Shepherd better?

If you choose a female German Shepherd, then she is well suited for a family where there are children. As a rule, female German Shepherds are more forgiving and careful, they are patient and restrained, so they will be happy to play carefully with children. They are less hardy than the male German Shepherds, so they are less suitable for competitions, but female German Shepherds can often be seen at exhibitions. They are graceful, collected and stand out perfectly against the background of other dogs, especially if the purebred first German Shepherd herself. But, as a rule, if the dog spayed, then it is necessary to lead a healthy life.

At what age is it better to take a puppy?

It is best to take a puppy after 2.5 months. We advise you to look at and observe the puppy or puppies a couple of times before buying, in order to get acquainted with the character of the future pet and choose who is closer to you, male vs female German Shepherd. But male Shepherds can suffer hip and elbow dysplasia.

Male vs Female German Shepherd


Females tend calmer and more balanced. Also, females tend it will be better suited for families with children. A female German Shepherd dog can perfectly execute commands, but male counterparts are better suited for professional competitions. Also, females tend to be cleaner, they require less care, except for heat cycle.

Males tend to be more capable of hard work, also males tend to be used as military dogs. This most popular dog breeds they will become wonderful friends for you.

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