How Much Does a Purebred German Shepherd Cost: 10 Factors to Consider

The cost of a purebred German Shepherd can vary depending on the breeder, pedigree, and location. Also, the initial cost includes not only the dog itself, but also everything that is needed at home to keep and care for it. Let’s explore all the details and answer the question: how much does a purebred German Shepherd cost.

What Are the Price Criteria of a German Shepherd

German Shepherd puppy dogs are valued in many countries. Due to the fact that these pet parents are intelligent, loyal, hardy and obedient, a person uses them for many different purposes. And if you need to buy a German Shepherd puppy, then you should understand what purposes you need it for.

You can buy such a German Shepherd puppy both for a lot of spend money and very inexpensive. After all, you can buy a healthy animal with good protective qualities, and you can look for a dog to participate in exhibitions and shows. Such a pet owners should have an appropriate exterior.

How Much Are Purebred German Shepherds

What factors determine how much a German Shepherd puppy dog cost?

  1. presence or absence of pedigree;
  2. title of parents;
  3. availability of awards and prizes;
  4. breed class;
  5. health status;
  6. quality and compliance with breed standards;
  7. guarantee of future success;
  8. purchase of a German Shepherd puppy by hand or in a kennel;
  9. the degree of pureblood;
  10. age and gender.

What else can the price of a German Shepherd puppy depend on?

  • purebred German Shepherd puppy class;
  • training;
  • exhibition evaluation, diplomas;
  • medical testing, immunizations and procedures performed;
  • special coat color or eye color;
  • point of purchase.

Purebred German Shepherd Puppy Classes

The first thing to do is to make sure that the gsd puppy or dog license you choose is indeed a purebred. To do this, make sure you have read this post: How Can You Tell If a German Shepherd Is Purebred: DNA and Other Methods.

German Shepherd Puppy

A companion class

This class includes puppies and German Shepherds whose purpose of acquisition is to “use” the working characteristics of owning a German Shepherd privately, for themselves, not for exhibitions.

This includes puppies that meet the breed standard and have minor deviations from it that do not affect health or character.

Such changes are natural and inherent in the German Shepherd dog breed: incomplete dental formula, incorrectly standing or not standing ears, non-standard color, large white markings on the legs (so-called “socks”), white spots on the body or chest larger than the palm of an adult, incomplete exit of the testes, creases on the tail, etc.

Such a German Shepherd dog is a wonderful friend and guard, without overpayment for “exhibition” and ancestral regalia.

Companion plus

This class includes puppies and German Shepherds that 100% meet the breed standard without any deviations, having pronounced breed qualities.

They can attend exhibitions and participate in breeding. Often come from valuable factory lines from champion parents. This class is great companions for children, reliable guards.

Most often, these German Shepherds are acquired by owners for whom reliability, pedigree and a guaranteed stable psyche with an optimal price-quality ratio are important.

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Premium class

This includes puppies and German Shepherds with outstanding breed characteristics, heirs of valuable bloodlines, owners of imposing appearance and excellent working qualities.

Such a German Shepherd dog is the pride of the owner, the subject of the delight of others and the decoration of any exhibition. By purchasing a puppy of this class, you become the owner of a German Shepherd dog ownership of premium quality, which is visible to the naked eye even to a layman.

We do not insist on the exhibition or breeding career of such purebred German Shepherds. Most often they become the decoration of country residences and personal estates. But if you want to make a full-fledged professional career for your German Shepherd dog, then we will be very happy. After all, such miniature German Shepherds are a real diamond of any kennel.

Premium Elite class

This quality class is awarded to those puppy mills and young purebred German Shepherd dog breed who belong to the Premium class and have reached the age of four months and older.

They passed specialized health tests and proved the absence of congenital genetic diseases. These are puppies and purebred German Shepherd dog raised in a special way in compliance with all modern requirements of vet visits medicine and German Shepherd breeders.

They are as comfortable as possible in everyday life and everyday life, safe for children. Such puppies are especially recommended to owners who appreciate the comfort of life and have a limited amount of time to grow and raise a small German Shepherd puppy.

The original method of education, developed on the basis of our kennel by professional purebred German Shepherd dog handlers, allows any of our dogs, at any age, to fit into a new family perfectly and in a short time and become a full member of it.

Other Factors in Determining a GSD Price


Grown-up German Shepherd puppies are always somewhat more expensive than toddlers. However, in our opinion, this is the most reasonable purchase and the most reliable option.


The presence of any kind of training for a puppy also increases its price. But it saves you a lot of time, effort and, ultimately, spend money, because trained puppies at 5-7 months have as many skills and abilities as a purebred German Shepherd dog normally masters by 1-1.5 years.

Also, it is worth considering that the price of guard German Shepherd dog, bodyguards and guide dogs is much higher.

But training isn’t just for service. You also need to get your dog used to hygiene – cleaning ears, cutting nails, getting used to toilet training.

How much is a purebred GSD

Exhibition evaluation, diplomas

The presence of diplomas on participation in exhibitions and other regalia, although they increase the price, but they are the best proof of the competitiveness of the purchased German Shepherd puppy and guarantee its pedigree from an expert judge.

Health testing, vaccinations and procedures performed

The price is also increased by the checks carried out for the absence of congenital health pathologies. But it gives the future owner a 100% guarantee of the German Shepherd puppy’s health from professional veterinarians and German Shepherd owners.


The price of a German Shepherd puppy indicated on a website is indicative and can be either increased or decreased at the time of the transaction.

Cost of German Shepherd Dogs by Class

The German Shepherd price

This German Shepherd breed is considered universal. She shows herself well when serving in the police, can guard the house, and she copes well with the role of a home companion.

The training of these german shepherd owners does not cause any problems. There are several classes in total, on which the cost of the pet depends.

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These are pets with some deviations from the standards, but not too significant. They have all the necessary documents confirming the owning a German Shepherd.

Such German Shepherd do not take part in exhibitions, but they are allowed to breed. They may well produce offspring with excellent external data. Sold for 200-500 dollars.


The most expensive option. Such pets meet absolutely all standards and have a full package of documents. They often have titled parents or other ancestors. Often they have to take a queue, because they are extremely in demand.

They are implemented by the best nurseries or experienced breeders. It is sold in America for about 1500-2000 dollars;


Such animals either do not meet the standard at all, or are born from simple parents. They do not have a full package of documents, usually only a veterinary passport is offered. Of course, they have no right to take part in breeding or exhibitions.

But if you don’t want to pay a lot to get a good friend, this is a great option. It is found on the market for $ 1,000.

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Cost of German Shepherd Dogs at the Points of Sale

Purebred German Shepherd Puppies are sold in a variety of retail outlets. Due to the demand for the breed, it is not difficult to find them, and the german shepherd prices are quite affordable. Consider the main stores.

Pet stores

Buyers highly appreciate this outlet, because here you can carefully examine the pet. Various accessories and feeds are also offered, which greatly facilitate the care of the baby.

The consultant can tell you exactly what to pay attention to when choosing a ward. The average price range here is $800-1,000.

Dog kennels

Experienced adult dog lovers advise you to look for a puppy right here, because here they are engaged in breeding at a professional level for reputable breeders.

Specialists make sure that the animal meets the current standards. A full package of documents is issued with the baby. It will take about $1,000-1,500 to pay.

Private owners

Some people offer to buy a pet from them. There are a lot of relevant ads on the Internet. It is important to make sure that the seller has good reviews. Private owners offer a dog for 500-2,000 dollars.

Owning a German Shepherd can become a good friend and a guard at home. You can buy it now anywhere – either in a store or a nursery, or from a private seller.

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How to Choose a German Shepherd?

To buy a thoroughbred dog, you need to contact a kennel engaged in breeding Germans. Only in this case it is possible to choose the right owning a German Shepherd puppy that meets international standards.

When visiting the kennel, pay attention to the conditions of keeping puppies, their number in the litter, physical condition.

You should get information about the mating of a female – is it planned or spontaneous and how often it happened to a male.

When choosing a puppy, the criteria are taken into account:

  • babies from a large litter are rarely large;
  • dull wool is a signal of a disease or worm infestation;
  • aggressive or fearful behavior is a consequence of a previously received mental trauma;
  • the miniature German Shepherd should be well-fed, with the right bite, without signs of an umbilical hernia;
  • it is unacceptable to have nodes on the ribs, indicating the development of rickets and lack of calcium;
  • there should be no scratches or open wounds on the belly and paws.
Prices for German Shepherds puppies

Appearance According to the Standard

To choose the right German Shepherd, it is necessary to compare its exterior and other characteristics with the standards of the FCI standard.

The high class can be seen by a number of anatomical features of the puppy:

  • a strong, powerful backbone;
  • straight back;
  • elongated body;
  • strong neck;
  • large paws with fingers gathered into a ball;
  • tail without kinks;
  • hanging ears (up to 3 months);
  • scissor bite;
  • a harmonious head with a clear foot, not too wide forehead and a non-pointed muzzle;
  • absence of feathering on the ears;
  • almond-shaped eyes are brown or yellowish in color.

The German Shepherd Puppy Cost and the Adult German Shepherds Cost

Buying an adult German Shepherd rescue will cost you more than buying a puppy. Since an adult german shepherds young animal has already been trained in standard commands and manners.

A young female will be more expensive than a male, since in the future she can also generate income by giving birth to puppies. Consider how much a real German Shepherd costs:

  • titled female – $1,000 and up;
  • exhibition dog (of any gender) – starting at $ 2000;
  • a male with good working qualities – at least $ 800.

You can also find ads on the Internet where an adult animal is sold very cheaply and without documents.

Pay attention!

Experts advise not to make such purchases, so as not to have problems with the pet in the future.
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The German Shepherd Puppy Price with and without Documents

Without documents, buying a dog from local breeders can be much cheaper than from a kennel with all the necessary documents.

But at the same time, you run the risk of acquiring a purebred animal, with genetic abnormalities or bad manners. The price for such an animal can range from $50 to $100.

But a purebred animal with documents that can perform basic commands will cost more. Depending on natural indicators, appearance, compliance with breed standards, the price starts from $ 500.

Despite this difference in price, it is still better to pay more, but to buy an animal from breeders who value their reputation and sell dogs with a ready-made package of documents and vaccinations.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy

It is best to buy a German Shepherd puppy from trusted reputable breeders who care about the purity of the breed and the health of their pets.

Before buying a dog, you can chat with responsible breeder and owners of these dogs on special forums and animal shelters or puppy mill.

You should also contact local dog clubs or private dog breeders. Of course, you can go to a market for a GSD puppies, but it is best to visit a special nursery where German Shepherd puppies bred, raised and trained.

How to choose the right one so as not to be mistaken about the price?

In order to determine the price of a GSD puppies or an adult dog of the German Shepherd breed, you need either the advice of an expert or a breeder whom you can trust.

Before buying, you need to study the breed standards and decide for what purposes you need a German Shepherd, which qualities of the future pet owners are more important to you, and which are not so important.

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To purchase a good healthy and purebred Shepherd dog, you need:

  • require a veterinary passport from the breeder, photocopies of parents’ pedigrees;
  • do a puppy inspection;
  • view the purebred dog parents;
  • observe the animals and the living conditions.

What documents should I have when buying?

After it was possible to choose the right puppy, it is necessary to issue documents. The reputable breeder should already have certificates for each baby with a unique number. It is also applied in the form of a tattoo on the inside of the right hind leg.

The certificate contains the following information:

  • the puppy’s nickname;
  • date of birth;
  • registration number;
  • parents;
  • suit;
  • breeder’s address;
  • club details;
  • the surname, first name and patronymic of the new owner.

From the american kennel club, the reputable breeder receives a pedigree, where the breed of the animal is determined, his ancestors in several generations, indicating nicknames, titles and awards.

The act of inspection of the puppy is made by dog handlers who are engaged in breeding dogs. This document confirms the compliance of the chosen baby with the breed standard.

Do not forget about the veterinary passport with vaccination documents. Additionally, you can request a certificate for binding. It will be needed when the owner decides to do breeding work.

Does a dog have to have a pedigree?

Even in the absence of a pedigree, it is realistic to choose and buy a good puppy. He is able to become an excellent companion and brilliantly perform official duties, but you need to remember that buying a German Shepherds cost without a full package of documents is a lottery that does not guarantee purebred.

If you chose a large dog without an official pedigree, you can get a weak and sickly baby, because the female was knitted several times a year. There are cases of selling and buying half-breeds of Germans with mongrels.

What does a dog’s pedigree show?

Pedigree is a guarantee of the physical and mental health of parents, who are selected very carefully in large dog clubs. Sick and weak individuals are not allowed to reproduce, they are culled.

The choice must be accurate and correct

Choosing the right puppy is not easy. It must be remembered that the future dog is taken for a long time, so the future owner must understand the breed standard in advance, carefully monitor the behavior of the little German to determine all its pros and cons. Only after there is no doubt about its excellent characteristics, the final choice is made.

Purebred dark sable german shepherd

Chapter FAQ

How much is a German Shepherd pure?

The price of purebred German Shepherds is much higher than that of crossbreeds or non-purebred Shepherds.
The price for purebred German Shepherds puppy ranges from $ 1,000 and above. The price may vary depending on various criteria.

How much is a German Shepherd 2023?

The 2023 German Shepherd puppy price has increased by about 10-15 percent. This is due to the fact that this breed of dog is becoming increasingly popular.
German Shepherds are often used as guards, they often perform at exhibitions, and this breed also gets along well with children and is suitable for large families.
Very often German Shepherds can be seen working with the police. As you can see, the demand for this breed is great, which is why the cost of a German $ 1,000 in 2023.

How much is a black German Shepherd?

Buying a German Shepherd puppy is not a problem at all, but buying a black German Shepherd puppy can be difficult, because they are not always on sale. Although if you want to, then this will not be a problem.
Black German Shepherds can be long-haired, but it is impossible to tell from the puppy what it will be, so be prepared for the fact that a shaggy monster will grow up at your house.
There are a lot of German Shepherd kennels all over the USA, so you won’t have any problems with their choice.
The only thing is to ask what kind of disease the nursery is “sick” with. Each kennel has its own sores that puppies can get sick with, and it’s worth paying attention to.
Of course, you can buy a puppy with your hands and he will not be worse than a puppy from a kennel, he just will not have documents, but a sharp mind, cheerful disposition, cunning — all this will be.
Another option is to search for ads for the sale of black German Shepherd puppies on the Internet.
There such ads come across often, and sometimes they sell quite good puppies in this way. Another option to get a great purebred puppy is to take a puppy for undergrowth.
How does this happen? You come to the kennel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and say that you want a puppy for undergrowth, they give you two small puppy, you feed them, water them, treat them for about 5 months.
Moreover, the services of a vet visits are paid 50/50. Your puppies are watched by a kennel doctor, a dog responsible breeder comes home to you and deals with the puppies.
As a result, after 5-6 months, people in uniform come to you and one puppy is taken to service, and the second dog remains to serve you, and the documents are necessarily attached to the puppy.
Now let’s talk about the most important issue – the black German Shepherd’s price. As we have already said, they cost a little more than ordinary Shepherd puppies. The cost of a German is about 500-1000 US dollars.
A black German Shepherd’s price is $1,500-2,000. In general, the sale of black Shepherd puppies, and indeed Shepherd puppies in general, is quite profitable.
Therefore, if you decide to breed german shepherd home, you will not lose. Healthy pup will be sold out like hot cakes in winter.

What is the lowest price of German Shepherd?

Sometimes German Shepherds can be taken for free. But it is impossible to be sure of the purebred nature of such cheap German Shepherd dogs at all. But on some Internet sites, the cost of a German starts at $50-100. Of course, the german shepherd prices depends on many criteria. But some reputable breeder sell puppies either with marriages or mixed breeds at a very low price.
The cheapest puppies online are usually sold with health issues. Most German Shepherds need expensive treatment through such sites. Health issues can manifest themselves in the form of serious diseases.

How Much Does a Purebred Black German Shepherd Cost

So, How Much Does a Purebred German Shepherd?

Much does a German Shepherd a special breed. Many dog breeds can’t compete with them. Especially with their love of tactility. If you don’t want the dog to sleep with you, buy even a dog bed in advance. German Shepherd prices for puppies vary greatly depending on many factors.

The dog’s life depends only on you, so choose a puppy based on your requirements. Ask responsible breeders if the animal is suitable as a working dogs, a guard dog.

Also, responsible breeders will immediately warn you about a purebred dogs and a healthy dogs. You can also find a pet owners in animal shelters, but there are more risks there than backyard breeder.

But no matter how much you pay, just be aware that German Shepherds are always at a premium. Compare how the value of a purebred German Shepherd has changed in 2023 compared to this video from 2021:

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