German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix: Fluffy Wonder from Puppy to Adult

This breed of German Shepherd Pomeranian mix is becoming increasingly popular, so many people want to get the puppy. Let’s get to know this dog better.

Officially, Pomeranian shepherd mix were recognized at the end of the XIX century but American Pomeranian German Shepherd standards appeared only at the beginning of the XX century.

A typical German Pomeranian dog

Appearance of New German Shepherds

The Pomeranian German is similar to the Pomeranian parent, except for the head structure. The muzzle is slightly flat, with a convex forehead and small ears that are not visible because of the fur.

The coat is also slightly different. The German Shepherd Pomeranian has a longer, softer coat with an undercoat, unlike its “German Shepherd” counterpart.

A typical German Pomeranian puppy

Heightup to 8 inches in height
Weightabout 6-7 pounds
Headmedium in size, the transition from forehead to muzzle is convex, not sharp, wide at the back of the head, tapering to the nose
Muzzlenot long, rather short, the ratio to the skull is 2:4
Noseblack, rounded, small. In brown individuals, a brown nose lobe is allowed
Earssmall, sharp, hard tips, always stand vertically, closely spaced, triangular
Lipsblack or brown (in brown spitz), tightly fitting, without folds in the corners
Eyesslanted, dark color, oval shape, eyelids black or brown
Neckmedium, the nape is slightly convex, sits high on the shoulders
Teethnormal jaws, 42 vertical teeth, scissor bite or straight. Cheekbones are almost invisible
Bodythe back is short, straight, strong, the withers are high, the loin is straight and short
Croupwide, not sloping
Chestwell developed, deep, the ribs are convex, extends far back, the abdomen is taut
Tailset high, rises vertically at the base and rounds into a ring, tightly pressed to the back; double ring is acceptable by standards
Forelimbsstraight, widely spaced, shoulder blades fit snugly to the chest; the muscles are strong, strong, directed to the back; the paws are rounded, small, the fingers are tightly pressed together
Hind limbsstrong, with strong muscles, with thick dense hair; the knee does not turn out when walking; the paws are small, with tightly pressed fingers; the claws and pads are dark
Coatundercoat thick dense, axial hair long, erect; the wool covering is very dense and thick all over the body, short, velvety on the head and muzzle, long and dense on other parts of the body; it is the quality of wool that determines the value of a Pomeranian
Colorblack, brown, white, orange, zonal gray, other colors; recognized: recognized by ANKC, CKC, KCGB, UKC, AKC, FCI
German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix: Fluffy wonder from puppy to adult

Personality of German Pomeranian

The character of the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix is soft, playful, cheerful and kind. These merry fellows always delight their neighbors, run carelessly and jump around.

They become strongly attached to their master (the example of Queen Victoria), do not know life without him and become reliable friends to everyone around their master.

In 1870, in England, Queen Victoria brought with her from Venice medium sized dog, which she liked. She had two favorites— Marco and Turi. The second one became so attached to his mistress that he accompanied her on her last journey on her deathbed.

They are good-natured with children, they can play and spend time with them. Leave this cute lump of kindness alone with the child and nothing terrible will happen.

Mixed breed dogs needs constant training of mind and body. Dog handlers advise to play with him more and give various commands to keep in good shape. Despite the small size, the German Shepherd dog needs daily physical exercises. Learn 5 steps to take and tips on how to become a dog trainer.

Health Concerns of the New Breed of GSG

German Shepherd Pomeranian mix are susceptible to such diseases:

  • hip dysplasia(hip dysplasia is occurs most often);
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (endocarditis, stenosis of the mouth of the pulmonary artery);
  • epilepsy;
  • dermatosis;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • umbilical and inguinal hernia;
  • deafness;
  • dislocation of the kneecap, elbow or shoulder joints;
  • non-infection of the fontanel.

Both the German Shepherd are necessarily vaccinated against viral diseases (plague, leptospirosis, etc.)

The first vaccination is given to the puppy in 2-3 months, the second – in 4 weeks, and the third and subsequent – annually. Rabies spitz is recommended to be put in after 7-8 months.

In order for a Pomeranian to live for a long time and not get sick, he needs comfort and tranquility. Many health problems can be avoided through periodic vet visits and preventive care. In particular, weakness in the back legs can be excellently prevented with special exercises.

German Shepherd Pomeranian mix breed

When Choosing a Pomeranian Puppy

When choosing a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix, you should follow these rules: you should buy only from breeders or in a kennel. Do not believe the sellers on the market — you can sell a sick, half—breed or mongrel German Shepherd Pomeranian mix; get to know the owners of the German Pomeranian, evaluate the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix habitat — it should be clean, light, good if there is a place for games, a lot of German Shepherd toys; look at the parents, find out about them as much as possible – pedigree, observe for behavior, how much they show aggression.

Look at all the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix of the litter — there should not be more than three German Shepherd Pomeranian puppies, otherwise they may lag behind in development and not get enough milk. All German Shepherd Pomeranian mix should be mobile and active, with soft thick fur, correct bite, without soft “fontanels” on the skull. Each of the peaches must be vaccinated, with a passport issued.

Rules of care

Since German Shepherd Pomeranian mix are decorative German Shepherd, their care is more thorough and demanding.

Care and hygiene

The German Shepherd Pomeranian mix have a very beautiful, soft coat. To avoid various pellets and tangles, comb the pile with a special comb. In spitz, molting occurs once a year in males, twice in females. They fade gradually, almost imperceptibly, so notice and comb your German Shepherd Pomeranian mix every day in time.

Beautiful and soft fur

Do not wash the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix often. Clean your ears and trim your nails once a month. Tweak his haircut if necessary.

Beautiful and soft fur german pomeranian

The Best Conditions for Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix

Because of their smallness, the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix are well suited to the maintenance in the apartment, it’s even better for them. In a large house, where there is a lot of space and potentially dangerous places, an German Shepherd Pomeranian mix can get lost, get stuck, taste a dangerous substance. It is quite dangerous to live outdoors for a German Pomeranians, this breed is decorative, and is intended to live only under the roof, together with the owner.

Sleeping place

Decorative German Shepherd Pomeranian mix breeds include such as toy poodle, Griffon, pug, Petit Brabanson, Bolognese, toy fox terrier, Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua, Pekingese. In any case, the puppies should have its own, strictly defined place in which he will sleep.

It is best to allocate such a place closer to the master bedroom so that the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix does not feel lonely, especially at night. In any case, away from drafts and batteries.

Important! You can’t take a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix to sleep next to you.

This is dangerous for both the reputable breeder and the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix. And after getting used to it, it will be impossible to wean a German Shepherd from this habit. The German Shepherd Pomeranian mix should sleep in a couch where it will be comfortable and safe.

As such a bed, how note American kennel club, a special tray from a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix store with sides or a basket is suitable. The bottom should be covered with a cloth or blanket.


In the summer, the owners often take their German Shepherd Pomeranian mix out of town. It should be remembered that decorative Pomeranian German Shepherd in dachas are subject to various risks, especially poisoning.

Moreover, a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix can be poisoned not only by pesticides from dog breeds or fertilizers for plants, but also, it would seem, quite safe berries and remnants of “human” food. A curious Pomeranian can gnaw an apple and get poisoned by bones or eat low-hanging grapes, etc.

Therefore, if the Pomeranian German Shepherd mix has already got to the dacha, you do not need to give it a lot of will, you should control its every movement. It is not necessary to let the Pomeranian German Shepherd mix go free and send it for a walk without supervision. Let the Pomeranian German Shepherd mix hang around the owner better, so that possible poisoning can be prevented.

The features of the care of the Pomeranian German Shepherd mix require attention and careful care. It is with the observance of all the rules that the Pomeranian German Shepherd mix at any age will be cheerful, mobile and healthy, and will live to a very old age. Pomeranian German Shepherd mix will not cause any special difficulties. The rules of care for them are the same as for other small Pomeranian German Shepherd mix.

Pomeranian GSD mix breed

Nutrition and Diet for Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix

The health of a Pomeranian German Shepherd mix, first of all, depends on its diet. Feed the Pomeranian German Shepherd mix with both natural products and dry food.

List of natural products that benefit

  • meat without fat — beef, fillet and breast of birds, beef or bird heart and liver;
  • boiled eggs — two per day, no more;
  • porridge — everything except barley and millet is poorly absorbed in the body;
  • vegetables and fruits — except potatoes and legumes;
  • fish — do not give raw fish, worms get started;
  • dairy products — do not give raw milk, it is not absorbed in the body.To maintain the health of the dog, you should follow a diet

List of prohibited products

  • flour products;
  • seasonings, spices, sweets;
  • potato;
  • fatty meat;
  • legumes;
  • bones;
  • any food with preservatives;
  • any fatty food.

To facilitate the task of feeding your pet, use premium and super-premium dry food. These feeds have everything you need for a long and useful pet life — active elements and vitamins that the German Shepherd Pomeranian mixes needs.

If you want to combine food and products, then you can’t do it in one meal. In the morning, give dry food, meat or fish for lunch, something light for the evening, for example, just cottage cheese.

It is not recommended to mix food and products in one meal.

German Shepherd Pomeranian mixes handlers recommend the following diet — feed the puppy 6 times a day for up to two months, and reduce meals with growing up. And so up to two meals a day, when the puppy reaches eight months.

Serve food at a certain time so that the German Shepherd Pomeranian mixes gets used to the feeding schedule.

How to feed German Shepherd Pomeranian mixes

The easiest way is to feed the German Shepherd Pomeranian mixes with ready-made full-fledged feeds from well-known and proven brands that monitor the quality of their products. You can choose a special option for German Shepherd Pomeranian and adult animals, as well as for German Shepherd mix that suffer from food allergies and other diseases.

Natural nutrition is another option of a diet for a German Shepherd Pomeranian. In such a diet, lean meat, offal, vegetables must be present. This diet is more diverse, although time-consuming, because you will have to cook for your German Pomeranian yourself.

When compiling a natural menu, it is worth excluding from it all products that are dangerous for the German Pomeranian. For example, you do not need to give sweets and pastries to Pomeranians, sausages and smoked meats, tubular bones, as well as everything salty, pickled, spicy, fatty and spicy.

Choosing what to feed the German Pomeranian, it is advisable to consult with the breeder and clarify what diet the German Shepherds is accustomed to.

Of course, over time, you can change the diet and transfer the German Pomeranian from natural food to ready-made food or vice versa. But it is better to do it gradually so that the animal’s body has time to adapt.

Regardless of the type of feeding, the German Pomeranian definitely needs clean drinking water.

German Shepherds of this breed have a tendency to obesity. Therefore, it is undesirable to overfeed them, and it is also important to provide the German Shepherd dogs with physical activity — to walk and play with him. If the Pomeranian Shepherd mix has weight problems, you need to change his diet after consulting with a veterinarian.

gsd-pomeranian breed

Education and Training

Miniature oranges are very intelligent German Shepherd mix. Training will not take much time and effort. Stick to a few basic rules, and the Pomeranian will become a model for imitation in terms of obedience:

  • Do not raise your voice at the dog and do not beat it.
  • Speak clearly and persistently.
  • Each time, praise the pet for the completed task.
  • Do not skimp on rewards, the dog is waiting for a prize to be awarded to her for a properly executed action.
  • Give a lot of time, care and affection (otherwise, the pet will become aggressive and will begin to spoil the furniture to attract attention).

German Shepherd mix are very smart, their training will not take much time.

German shepherd mix are overflowing with vitality, besides, they have a sharp mind. Try to develop the German shepherd mix more often: at home, on a walk, at any free time — the pet will only be happy about it.

Although a Pomeranian is a German Shepherd mix, and he is more comfortable at home with his owner than on the street, still walk twice a day to keep the German Shepherds in good shape.

Advantages and Disadvantages for German Shepherd Mix

Like all German Shepherds, Pomeranians are distinguished by both positive and negative sides. The advantages of the German Shepherd include:

  • Pomeranian mix is a smart German shepherd parent, easily accepts training and upbringing.
  • Funny and good—natured – you won’t get bored with them.
  • Active, play with children without offending them.
  • Good health with proper care.
  • Compact size, does not take up much space in the house.
  • The German Shepherd needs a lot of attention

Disadvantages of the Pomeranian mix

  • Regular and painstaking care.
  • Requires a lot of attention.
  • Frequent barking.
  • Uncontrolled aggression on other dogs during a walk.

As for barking, they do bark for no reason, and it’s hard to stop. If you begin to show aggression, its duration will increase. But there are effective ways to deal with unreasonable barking, check out our post about it.

Secondly, they are completely unaware of their size. German Shepherd Pomeranian mix attack other dogs, including much larger than them. Just don’t let them get close to other big dogs and control the Pomeranian Shepherd mix. Remember, this should not annoy, but rather flatter, because the little defender is ready for anything for the owner.

After all, when you get such a cute companion, you will forget about his shortcomings and find something of your own in this little ball of furry happiness. Just watch this wonderful video by Michael Smiley:

How Much Is a Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix?

The price of a this designer breeds rises for various reasons. But the main factor is where to get a puppy. It is more expensive in the nursery than at a private breeder, since the breed standard is necessarily met. The following points play a role.

German Pomeranian puppy value criteria

  • Exterior.
  • Size. The smaller the puppy, the more expensive.
  • Pedigree.
  • The quality of the litter.
  • Puppy class.
  • Age. Puppies are more expensive than adults.
  • Gender. The girl is more expensive.

The average price for such a puppy ranges from 600-1000 dollars. This is a standard class of pet, which does not stand out among other German Shepherd. There are also other classes of dogs, but they usually cost three times more expensive, as they participate in special exhibitions and competitions.

Costs of keeping a German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix puppy

In addition to the purchase of a German Pomeranian puppy, you need to be prepared for the cost of its maintenance. Here is a sample list of what you may need at first. Know that these costs will not be instantaneous, but spread out over time.

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$80 – $100
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $30
Bed$40 – $180
Crate$50 – $370
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $40
Grooming Essentials$40 – $160
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total$605 – $2,240


Can a German Shepherd breed with a Pomeranian?

Yes, a German Shepherd can breed with the Pomeranian. Because of the large size difference between these breeds, many doubt, but the German Shepherd and Pomeranian breed mix exists. This new breed is called the German Shepherd Pomeranian or shorter German Pomeranian. These dogs are so cute that you can’t help falling in love with them.

What is a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix called?

A mix between a German Shepherd and a Pomeranian is a new breed formed by crossing the German Shepherd and the Pomeranian Spitz. They are cute and friendly dogs of small size. They are smart and energetic like German Shepherds, but fluffy and affectionate like Pomeranians.

How much is a German Pomeranian?

GSD Pomeranian Mix are a little more expensive than a crossbreed, because the German Pomeranian breed is a patented breed of active dogs. The price for a purebred dogs starts from $ 1,000. The price criteria mainly depends on the pedigree of the parents.

What is a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix called


German Shepherds tend are often used to breed other breeds. One of these experiments was originally bred by the German Pomeranian. These are affectionate dog, they belong to good family dogs. Also, German Pomeranians are intelligent dogs. This dog is not inferior in character to either more larger dogs or medium-sized dogs.

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